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As of  March 2015 we will be offering all Bellitanner Bikes with an pedelec upgrade. The Zehus rear wheel allow us to keep the total weight of a complete bike below 13kg. This makes it far easier to store your  Bellitanner in your apartment or garage. The total weight of about 30kg for a conventional E-Bike makes safe storage a real problem until now. The Zehus rear wheel also has an acceptable range of 30 – 50km depending which of the four levels you choose. We are confident that this is the future of urban transport. It’s is light, affordable and very convenient

Contact your local dealer for pricing and delivery times.

Zehus – Urban Mobility equipped on Bellitanner Bikes.


As of March onwards we will be equipping all Bellitanner Bikes with Zehus rear wheels. This will enable support for 35 – 50 km depending on which mode you use. We will offer a pedelec with a weight of under  13kg that you can easily carry into your apartment. For further information and delivery times please contact us at

Uk’s Road CC Review

Ever wanted a road bike with a paint job inspired by the iconic New York City yellow cabs? No, neither have we. But if you did, then German company Bellitanner have produced the Bellitanner NYC Cab bike, which they claim addresses the usual bad finish with urban bikes with this bold colour. We can’t see past the madly angled frame tubes though. Just what is going on with the down tube? And the seat tube?


Van Rooyen Cycleworks Project.. get to work with a bit of style!

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We can’t give you too much information at the moment. But  we will have the first VanRooyen Bikes ready for the Berliner Fahrradschau in Berlin on the 22nd March. Both front and rear light are intergrated in the frame. There will be different spec and colour options. We hope to be delivering the first stock bikes towards the beginning of April. This is a Project and sister brand of Bellitanner Bikes. Don’t forget are constantly working on improving your ride and it does’nt harm to get too work with a  bit of style!