Bellitanner Performance apperal release for spring 2015

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Testimonials. David McConachie, London

Cycling Jersey

We had been keen to get our hands on Bellitanner’s new cycling clothing – their bikes are known for their understated elegant style, and we weren’t disappointed when the jersey and bib shorts finally arrived.

We’re firm believers in cyclists wearing a complete kit – matching jersey and shorts –it carries so much more panache than the usual mix and match you see out on the road all too often. The Bellitanner jersey and shorts are married together with a simple red band on the left sleeve and left leg which is a subtle but stylish touch we immediately liked.

The jersey, in grey, is a real racing fit and definitely aimed at the slimmer more serious cyclist. Made from 100% polyester, which is standard fare for most jerseys, we were taken aback by how soft it was – way softer to the touch than some of the Italian jerseys in our wardrobe. +1 to Bellitanner for that.

Mesh panels are under the arms for improved ventilation and silicon strips help keep the tight top in place nicely. To the rear there are 3 open pockets, all of a decent size, plus a very useful waterproof zip pocket, always handy for bank notes to buy that end of ride coffee, but not quite big enough for a smart phone.

Of note is the excellent finish with the pockets integrating beautifully into the jersey, rather than appearing to be simply ‘sewn on’ as you see on many jerseys. What we love the most though, however, is the sprinters collar. Very low cut and super streamlined, this top simply made us feel fast. It’s such a simple design feature, but it really does create a very smart look indeed.

The design of the jersey is very in vogue – the red band tips a hat to Rapha’s styling nous, yet manages to retain its own identity. The external stitching is elegant and looks designed to really last.

So, Bellitanner’s first effort gets a big thumbs up from us. Just be sure to go up a couple of sizes if you prefer a looser fit.

Bib Shorts

The bib shorts complemented Bellitanner’s jersey perfectly. So much so that on our first club ride, as we queued for coffee we receiving admiring comments from fellow riders. How often do you get that?

For comfort, on our limited outings so far, these are up there with the best. The black pad is high quality and quite a bit thicker than we are used to. The result is a very plush feeling on the saddle. We haven’t done enough miles to say whether the shorts are as good as the benchmark bib shorts from Assos, but it certainly feels close.

We liked the fact that the upper mesh section was grey. A pet hate is putting kit in the wash and the whites coming out grey. At least in this way, we can’t do that, can we? Another plus is that the front section is low enough to allow us to wee with relative ease.

Overall the sorts appear well thought out and designed. The side panels are slightly more stretchy, making for a more comfortable fit, and the legs are held in place with effective silicon grippers – we didn’t experience any problems with the legs riding up the thigh.


Shipping our first bikes to the States!

Okay…. so at some stage the effort has too pay off. All of the work…..all of the time and invest in a young brand. Today was a small Milestone in Bellitanners young history. After summing up all of the contacts from the Eurobike, we have found a strong Partner for the USA and on Monday we will be shipping the first Bellitanner samples to the US.

It has not  been an easy process, creating an Urban Brand with high quality Standards and a design that sticks out from the rest. All I can say at this moment is that we are very happy about the appreciation from abroad. Stay tuned for more..




Roger Tanner