Bellitanner Apperal Review from local Blogger Mr Kluntner.. Thanks a lot!

Die Radbekleidung der Urban Bike Marke “Bellitanner” funktioniert auch hervorragend beim Race oder Training.

image2 image1

Mir gefällt vor allem der sportliche Schnitt und das klassische design. Aber davon abgesehen ist vor allem das Trikot angenehm zu tragen, transportiert den Schweiß schnell vom Körper weg und hält den Fahrt- und Gegenwind ab.

image3 IMG_5619

Praktisch ist natürlich die gummierte Rückentasche mit Reißverschluss für Kleinigkeiten, die trocken bleiben sollen. Leider wird das perfekte kurz/kurz Radfahrwetter nicht automatisch mitgeliefert, so dass ich zu oft auf diesen coolen Look verzichten muss.

Belt Drive Frames are on the way… take a sneak preview

berlin 2 screws (1) berlin 2


Okay. We have been receiving a lot of enquiries as to when we will be offering „belt drive“on our bikes… answer is simple… as soon as „we can do it better than the rest“. CEO and founder Roger Tanner quote: „if we are going to offer this technology on our bikes soon… It has to be perfect and the frame  And now we can. Our „two screws“ are not located at the joint of the seat and chain stay. We have managed to situate the joint half way up the seat stay. Hence, not influencing the stability of the traditional frame design. If you have any enquiries: please contact us at We will be releasing „carbon gates Frames“ in Febuary 2015. Pre-order yours now!

Bellitanner GST testing done..

btgst2 FIN_roger2_2701_2RED8bit

Okay, so it’ts done. We have tested the GST for almost a year. Why? we want you to have the best value for money ride on a steel Frame that  the industry can offer. We have ridden it, tweaked it, tested it. On cobbles, climbes and flat Terrain. Our aim was too create an affordable Allrounder comfort Frame, and we did it. It’s an amazing ride. Stiff, comfortable and light. We have tested different forks, different specs and we shall be releasing the final result in April 2015.  Place your  pre orders now and save 10% Discount on this amazing columbus Thron frameset. more Info on

Spoke Magazine review…

Denn da im Süden von der Elbe, da sind die Leute nicht dasselbe!“ Nicht dasselbe wie der Rest der Fahrradindustrie sind auch Bellitanner Bikes, die ihr eigenes Ding drehen.

 Not the same as the rest of the bicycle industry are also Bellitanner  bikes that are doing their own Thing“


12-13 vitrine bellitanner_YZ.indd 12-13 vitrine bellitanner_YZ.indd

We are not a fixed gear brand.


We offer all Bellitanner bikes as single Speed or with a Sram Automatixs rear hub. We do not see ourselves as a fixed gear brand, we are creating a line of high premium urban bikes. We are rethinking the geometry of urban bikes and equipping our bikes with the best parts on the market.

London dealer visit.. Look mum no hands!

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London has to be the urban cycling capital of the world. So many cool stores popping up on every corner. May it be „Look mum no Hands“ or „Rapha“ all just very cool to hang out in and quite a bit ahead of the rest of Europe. It’s exciting to see new concepts related to urban transport and an enviromentally sustainable way of life!