Bellitanner equipped with Carbon Gates Drive from March onwards.


We are constantly working on improving our  products. Improving the quality and increasing your riding pleasure is our primary goal at Bellitanner bikes. As of March we will be offer all models with Carbon Gates Drive. Although the price will increase, the maintainence will decrease. By upgrading all BT models with we will be increasing the riding comfort. The carbon belts offer a much smoother ride than conventional chains. The carbon belts also create less friction and don’t need grease, which results in less cleaning and maintainence.

For further Information on delivery times and pricing don’t hestiate to contact us at

Moto Bicycles build with BT Carbon wheels

cab 3 cab 2

This week we put together a awesome Bellitanner Cab in stealth look for the Moto Bicycles catalogue shoot. We have been testing the carbon wheels for quite a while. They offer a really good rigid smooth ride and weigh the half of Aluminium rims. We did’nt get to put the bike on a scale but is was under 8kg, without any other Tuning parts. We hope to be offering the carbon rims from April onwards.


Bellitanner Review from Spain. English Translation will follow.


Bellitanner Performance Wear

Por Pablo Roura.

La marca alemana de bicicletas y ropa Bellitanner me ha hecho llegar su nuevo conjunto formado por el culotte un maillot de la línea Bellitanner Performance Wear.

Lo primero que me llamó la atención nada más abrir el paquete y coger las prendas en mis manos fueron su ligereza, lo bien acabadas que estaban y su diseño tremendamente atractivo. Hasta aquí todo perfecto. Ahora tocaba probar las prendas y comprobar realmente su calidad y funcionalidad.

Nada más probarme las prendas me sentí muy cómodo y pude percibir que ambas prendas se ajustaban perfectamente a mi cuerpo.

Lo primero que reviso del cullote fue la badana que destaca por su calidad y comodidad y cuanto más reviso la prenda uno percibe los pequeños detalles que nos demuestran que estamos ante una prenda realizada con cariño, gusto y mucha calidad.


El primero de esos detalles lo encontramos en la silicona en cada de los extremos del cullote que aseguran un buen ajuste a los muslos o la robustez y transpirabilidad de los tirantes que no sólo nos dan una muestra de su funcionalidad, sino que además nos dan la confianza de que con el uso y los lavados, no van a dejar de cumplir con su función de mantener el cullote ajustado al cuerpo o los pequeños detalles reflectantes en cada uno de los extremos del cullote que nos harán más visibles si rodamos con escasa luz.

Si desmerecer al cullote Bellitanner, el maillot es para mi sin duda la “prenda estrella”. Es realmente ligero (pesa tan sólo unos 140 gramos) es una maravilla al tacto, se ajusta a tu cuerpo de una manera excepcional y es la prenda perfecta para sacar todo lo que uno lleva dentro en esos días de verano de calor intenso. Además algo que mi personalmente me  gusta, es el hecho de llevar una cremallera completa en la parte delantera, lo que te permite abrir la prenda completamente y poder “refrigerar” tu tren superior con el viento.

Si describimos la prenda de arriba a bajo vemos que el cuello es redondo y bajo, perfecto para el calor sofocante del verano, las mangas son algo más largas de lo que años atrás estábamos acostumbrados a ver, pero son realmente cómodas y bajo las axilas podemos encontrar otro detalle de calidad de la prenda, un tejido mucho más transpirable que el resto y que demuestra que la prenda en su conjunto está muy bien concebida.


Además la parte trasera del cullote cuenta con 4 bolsillos (1 de ellos con cremallera y waterproof) para meter todo aquello que uno pueda necesitar en una salida exigente. Yo la he utilizado para meter los geles, barritas y mi teléfono móvil, cumpliendo perfectamente con su cometido.

Bellitaner 2

Siendo muy exigentes con el maillot, el único pequeño inconveniente que me encontré en la prenda ha sido la dificultad para abrir la cremallera trasera con una sola mano cuando iba en marcha. Detalle que si nos paramos a pensar detenidamente, tan poco es tan dramático ya que ese bolsillo puede o debe ser utilizado para aquello que no necesitas mientras ruedas (tarjeta de crédito, llaves de casa o dinero o el móvil, si te cabe).

La cintura de la prenda cuenta con silicona que hace que se mantenga ajustada a tu cuerpo en todo momento.

Bellitaner 3

Teniendo en cuenta ese pequeño detalle el conjunto Bellitanner Performance Wear es una opción de alta calidad, que se ajusta perfectamente a tu cuerpo, transpirable, muy funcional y personalmente, con un diseño muy atractivo.


El maillot está disponible en 2 versiones, gris o azul cielo y tiene un precio de 129 €, mientras que el cullote tiene un precio de 135 €.

Podrás encontrar más información sobre las prendas Bellitanner Performance Wear en su web.

Girodilento Bellitanner Apperal Review.. getting ready for Spring!

Bellitanner is a brand that probably isn’t familiar to you. It’s a young German brand created by long time bike industry veteran and ex-pro cyclist Roger Tanner. Roger also runs the Pearl bicycle brand. Bellitanner was set up initially to build a range of fixie style bikes and one of his bikes: the New Yorker won a Bikeradar Best in Show Award at Eurobike in 2013 ( It’s a very cool design, so it was a good winner.

Stylish Bellitanner summer jersey from the front
Stylish Bellitanner summer jersey from the front

Bellitanner is in the process of expanding their product range to include clothing and they very kindly sent me an early pair of their new bib shorts and jersey to get out and ride in. Both the bib shorts and the jerseys will be available to order directly from the Bellitanner website initially and the intention behind the product is to create products of a high quality without necessarily a high end price. I’ve been riding the shorts in particular over the last month both indoors on the  Wattbike and also out on the road (mostly under tights as it’s still been pretty cool).

Modelling the Bellitanner outfit - front view
Modelling the Bellitanner outfit – front view

I ride a medium and I’ve found the sizing of both the shorts and the jersey very good – they’re race cut but not a super thin Italian style fit – they’re definitely slim fitting but in a good way. The construction of the shorts seems good and they feel like they should last well. The seams inside the shorts I’ve been sent aren’t flat locked but I can’t say I’ve noticed this particularly as a comfort issue. The white upper fabric is a touch stiff to the touch compared to some other brands, but it holds it’s position on the bike fine. The pad is comfortable and generous in its thickness – to me it’s perhaps a bit thicker than I’d have personally specified and it feels a bit bulky when you’re off the bike. You can also feel the extra thickness of the pad you’re riding and it increases comfort but it does isolate you a little from the feeling of the road – which could be good or bad, depending on your point of view.

Bellitanner bib shorts pad and stitching detail
Bellitanner bib shorts pad and stitching detail

Most of the bib shorts I’ve ridden in recent years have tended to have quite a thin multi-density pad so the extra thickness of these shorts has been a noticeable difference. My early impressions are that these are a decent short but they won’t knock my favourites at this price point off their perch ( As I mentioned though, these are early samples and the design and materials may well evolve (or may have since I was sent these). Where they’ve been best for me so far is on the Wattbike for longer sessions, where I find I get pretty uncomfortable after an hour. These shorts thanks to the thicker pad definitely help on sessions over an hour long (it still hurts though).

Bellitanner Bib shorts - upper detail
Bellitanner Bib shorts – upper detail

The jersey again is a well sized garment with a good shape and the fabric used feels good to the touch. I really like the shade of blue as well and as an outfit (bib shorts and jersey) they look smart (to me anyway). It’s a summer weight fabric and in the few times I’ve tried it before it’s warmed up too much, I know it’s a jersey I’ll wear regularly in the months to come. As you can see from the pictures, the construction is relatively straightforward: three pockets at the rear, one with a zip. There is some venting around the under arms as well for breathability.

Inside the Bellitanner jersey, some stitching and breathability around armpits detail
Inside the Bellitanner jersey, some stitching and breathability around armpits detail

I don’t have an enormous amount of technical details about fabrics and pad manufacturer, so in the meantime I’m getting out and riding them to see how they wear. Both garments are made for Bellitanner by a relatively new cycling clothing company RH77, who I know Roger from Bellitanner has a strong relationship with.

Jersey rear view with pockets alongside bib shorts
Jersey rear view with pockets alongside bib shorts

Pricing for the bibshorts is expected to be Euro 135 or about £110 and the jersey is priced at Euro 79 or about £65. If you’d like to find out more, you can visit the Bellitanner website at Thanks for reading.

Outfit rear view
Outfit rear view

Bellitanner „London Cab“ test ride in Cape Town.

cab orange cab blue light blue

It’s a lean 30 degrees outside in Cape Town this afternoon and my BT London Cab is begging for a spin. How would the super rigid agile frame perform on the Capetonian roads, I was not let down. I headed out from Sea Point on the coastal road. The 28mm tyres and carbon fork offered enough comfort on the not so smooth roads. The agile and stiff frame played it’s role around the twisted coastal road through Clifton and on to Camps Bay. Getting out of the saddle of braking with the rear wheel, was not a problem. The shorter chain stay and smaller rear triangle offer an optimized power Transfer on the hills and excellerating in the Corners. Simply the best urban bike regarding it’s Performance on the road! And the smooth welded tubes and matt black finish with glossy decals give the frame the perfect finish.