Beliner Fahrradschau.. we love it!

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Berliner Fahrradschau, we loved it. A smaller Urban trade Show situated in the center of Berlin which has doubled in size since last years event. You can find anything from bigger brands such as Canyon and bespoke cargo bike producers. This show is  exactly what the cycling industry needs everywhere!

Urban Cyclist Magazine presents the Bellitanner E-Bike.

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If only e-bikes could be made more stylish…Bellitanner say they’ve done just that, having jumped on a new type of powertrain that eliminates unsightly battery packs. Credit is due to the Zehus WIZE hub, in which in enclosed the motor, the batteries and all of the electronics. It has a capacity of 160Wh, giving a range of 18-30 miles at up to 15mph, with a recharge time of three hours. You can link it to an app on your phone to monitor the charge or lock the unit. But best of all, it looks discreet and weighs just 3kg, so this Bellitanner Berlin is only 13kg, less than half the weight of many e-bikes.



Bellitanner goes road.


At the Berlin Bike Show this week-end we will be releasing our first steel road bike. The frame is made of  Columbus Thron tubing and offers a very stiff comfortable ride. The AX lightness wheels also ensure a rigid and comfortable ride. Drop by this week-end in Berlin and have a look.

A sneak preview of the BFS bikes

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For the first time we will have our new road frame, a Columbus Thron steel alloy with a carbon fork on Display, equipped with Ultegra and AX lightness wheels. Aswell as a „Gypsy Cab“ We look forward to seeing you this week-end in Berlin.


Berliner Fahrradschau 20 – 22 March .


Visit us at the Berliner Fahrradschau next week. We will be exhibiting together with „Auftragsrad“ and Motobicycles. You are welcome too take our Cabs for a spin around the block ot test ride our Bellitanner E-Bike. We look forward to seeing you there.



E – bikes can be cool.


We have put the Zehus Motor to the test over the last couple of weeks. The 250 watt Motor has not dissapointed at all. It only supports till 25km/h but that has proven suffcient for urban traffic. It offers a very pleasant acceleration and enough support too offer a pleasant ride to work and back. It serves it’s purpose and you won’t break a sweat on your morning ride to work. The lightweight rear wheels also allows you to easily carry into your apartment and recharge the battery. Not too mention the fact that the cool looking Bellitanner will look more like a piece of designer furniture, more than an E-bike.