Bellitanner Berlin with Zehus Motor


We will now be offering our entry Level Bellitanner Berlin with a Zehus Motor. This Ultralight Alloy Frame with come with a Carbon fork in the production series. The total weight of the complete bike is 12 kg. For pricing and delivery time. Contact us at

Bellitanner Retro „Cab“ E-Bike

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The total weight of the “Hamburg” GS does not exceed 14kg, which allows easy portage into your apartment. Eliminating problems of regular E – Bikes that have a weight of 35 kg.
We have given the Zehus Motor severe testing and we are satisfied with the Efficiency. The motor will give you a comfortable ride too work and you won’t have to change your shirt when you get there.

•Complete bike weight 13kg
•Hub weight 3.2kg
•Power 250 Watts
•Torque 20NM
•Battery 160 WH 29.6 V
•Battery Life 1000 Cycles
•Efficiency Assist 90% Regeneration 80%

Berlin Night Ride.. Critical Mass…Awesome!!!

berlin 1 berlin 3 berlin 2 berlin 4

So.. A night ride in Berlin. It started out a little tragic.. Missing a train to Dortmund almost messed up my entire week-end planning that was supposed to begin with an urban night ride in Berlin. With a portion of luck on my side I mangaged to get a late bullet train from Dortmund to Berlin in time to make the Berlin ride.. And every bit of stress too get there on time was worth it! After taking a taxi from the main train Station to „Berlin Mitte“ I managed to get my Bellitanner Cab E-bike buildt in time for the event. And it was all worth it! I have never seen such a vibrant crowd of cyclist ready for a cruise through Berlin.. and I was not dissapointed. We passed all of the main tourist stuff… Brandenburger Tor, West and East Berlin and landed back safely where we started out from almost two hours later. It was amazing to see what the bike scene has achieved in the last couple of years in major cities around the world.. next CM will be in Hamburg.