We don’t just do this for „shits and giggles“!.. Eurobike 2015

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We don’t just do this for“shits and giggles“.. I believe that we can make this world a better place with enviromental friendly transportation.. And yes it can be cool! We have proven just that. With a slight effort, a bit of taste and desire for change,  we have convinced a number of dealers and consumers too help us accomplisch our goal at the 2015 Eurobike. I would be humble in saying that we had one of the most creative Booths at the 2015 Eurobike, we had super light Bellitanner Pedalecs, Hing End Carbon bikes, High visability reflective bikes from Happeral and a super cool innovative Urban Project called „VanRooyen“.. More goes not as the usual German would say…

We produce cool urban mobility and we will continue to do so..

Your Bellitanner Team

Exotic bikes need exotic dealers… in Iceland!


Iceland is not really know as a cycling Nation. Could be because of the weather? Nevertheless we are very happy to  have a dealer on Iceland. It is great to see how the Velo Culture is making a difference in the most uncommon places. Shop owner and Manager Alexander has even organized a Tweed race in Rekjavik. We don’t even have that in Hamburg…


We welcome Berlin Bike Store to our Bellitanner Family.