Vote for the Bellitanner „Retro Cab“ as best urban „E-bike 2016“


The Bellitanner Retro Cab is amoungst the readers choice award for “ Best Urban E bike“ 2016. If you think the Retro Cab is a worthy winner, then send an email to and vote for the letter „B“.

 „Please opt for one candidate in the two categories Urban Bike and Urban E-Bike.“ In order to see all the competing models in both categories, you need at least a look at the Cycle Magazine, which goes on sale from November 23.



Bike build of the week. Fixedgear Bellitanner Ldy „Cab“ in brushed aluminium.

067e 068e

The entire frame is handmade. The joints are smooth welded, and as you see there are a couple of Joint. Before completion the frame is heat treated to ensure stiffness of the frame. The „Cab“ geometry and design is a garantee for a super stiff and agile ride in urban Terrain. Try it out and contact your local dealer and arrange a test ride.

The current line up of Bellitanner are all belt drive compatible, meaning that we can upgrade the standard model with a zehus motor and „Carbon Gates“

#thefutureisnow! Bellitanner Berlin 11kg Ultralight Pedalec

059 060


Nothing is smoother and more comfortable to ride than an Bellitanner pedalec with Carbon Gates. I have just taken this beauty for a spin around the block. The ultralight stiff frame and carbon fork offer the stiffness and comfort on our northern European roads. The light Zehus 250 Watt Motor gives you that extra push where you need it and the combination with Gates is just bliss. Super smooth and comfortable, no mess, no stress. Contact your local dealer regarding pricing and Information about the current Bellitanner 2106 collection of bikes.