Bellitanner NYC Cab Gates

Cab New York

The Stockholm Syndrome Snatcher

Flag down the 29er Cab Bikes New York! They’re addressed to all city slickers around the world, and, sure, we’re talkin’ to you! Make a change for your personal liberty, not being tucked away in overcrowded tubes, buses, or circling hours for a parking lot, waiting for a taxi to stop. Just go wherever you want, whenever you want, and don’t give a shit about public transportation complainers: you are finally free, feel it!

The innovative Lambda tubes outlined below, get theit Name from the greek letter that they resemble and their purpose is to allow the down and seat tube to cantilever off of them. this proviodes more clearence for the front and rear wheel allowing for a shorter wheel base and stiffer responsive handeling.

The Bellitanner Cabs are the first results of a starting cooperation between Roger Tanner and NY’s designer Michael Kerschbaumer. Welcome on board!

Michael Kerschbaumer

All Bellitanner bikes can be delivered with as a single speed bike with brakes or with a Sram Automatix two gear hub.

FrameBellitanner Lambda „Cab“ Frame
ForkBellitanner carbon fork
Bottom bracketVP
Seat postBellitanner
CrankBellitanner pista
Wheel setBellitanner Pista
TiresConti Ultra
Handle barCharge
Price1990,- €
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