„Bringbock“ in Saarbrücken

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Last Tuesday was spent with our very new and pleasant dealer in Saarbrücken. Bringbock sells Cargo bikes in Saarbrücken and will offer Bellitanner Bikes to the local folks and in effect get people out of  traffic and onto bikes. Bringbock also offers a unique food delivery Service with their fleet of cargo bikes. You will have to contact them directly about that. Saarbrücken has the second highest density of traffic in Germany. Lets see if we can change that.


Bike build of the week. Fixedgear Bellitanner Ldy „Cab“ in brushed aluminium.

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The entire frame is handmade. The joints are smooth welded, and as you see there are a couple of Joint. Before completion the frame is heat treated to ensure stiffness of the frame. The „Cab“ geometry and design is a garantee for a super stiff and agile ride in urban Terrain. Try it out and contact your local dealer and arrange a test ride.

The current line up of Bellitanner are all belt drive compatible, meaning that we can upgrade the standard model with a zehus motor and „Carbon Gates“

Exotic bikes need exotic dealers… in Iceland!


Iceland is not really know as a cycling Nation. Could be because of the weather? Nevertheless we are very happy to  have a dealer on Iceland. It is great to see how the Velo Culture is making a difference in the most uncommon places. Shop owner and Manager Alexander has even organized a Tweed race in Rekjavik. We don’t even have that in Hamburg…

We welcome Berlin Bike Store to our Bellitanner Family.

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